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You can access us 24/7 when you need any service. We are working hard to make your time valuable.

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In the globalized world, borders are becoming vague and business partnerships which are made with certain people from certain distances make frequent travelling obligatory. When time is the key point, it becomes much more significant that travels are made quicker and more comfortable.

When travelling is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is aircraft travel. Sometimes scheduled flights are not as practical because of the intensity of the business life and emergency situations. In these conditions chartering a private aircraft becomes a necessity more than a luxury. Plures Air is the biggest helper for people in need for this subject.

Private Aircraft Chartering Categories

A private aircraft can be chosen from various alternatives according to its intended use. For a group of people travelling Private Jet chartering or Passenger Aircraft Chartering can be advised, for Cargo transport purposes Cargo Aircraft can be chartered. Of course another category is used to transport ill and injured patients which are called Air Ambulances.

Private Jet Chartering Service

Generally for business meeting situations it is beneficial to charter a private jet to save time. Also instead of the group flying with separate scheduled flights, they can fly together and it will allow them to work more on the business meeting and be more productive. Plures Air continues to provide services on private jet chartering.

Air Ambulance Chartering Service

Air ambulances are frequently used for national and international patient transports. In these types of trips because human lives are at stake, aircrafts technical equipment and experience of the medical personnel are the most important subjects. Plures Air is one of the most preferred companies with its fully equipped aircrafts and medical personnel.

Cargo Aircraft Chartering Service

Sometimes instead of humans machines or products need to be transported, that's why Cargo aircrafts are deployed. Cargo aircrafts are different than scheduled planes because of their structure. Both the trunk and wings are made to allow big and heavy cargos to be able to enter and exit the aircraft and that is why it is practical for transporting various goods and products. Plures Air also provides secure and valuable services in the cargo field.

Passenger Aircraft Chartering Service

Whether you are travelling with your colleagues or with your retailers for a meeting or going on a holiday with a private tour, chartering a private aircraft will be the fastest and most comfortable option for you. For passengers to travel without tiring security procedures, without waiting or going through an x-ray and without needing to take off their clothes or shoes, only thing they need to do is to call Plures. Plures Air will take care of all these for them.

Whatever the purpose is whether it is going on holiday with friends or a business trip or patient/organ transport, Plures Air will provide clean and secure aircraft chartering services.