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Jet Ambulance

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You can access us 24/7 when you need any service. We are working hard to make your time valuable.

Jet Ambulance Chartering Service

Jet Air Ambulance can reach the patients easily and fast to save lives! Jets are the fastest aircrafts that can go in between two points, that's why companies or individuals prefer primarily the jets for their urgent needs. Hence, you save lives by chartering jet air ambulances while transferring patients, doctors or organs for transplantation. Plures Air's Jet Ambulances, decorated and designed to satisfy all the needs of the patients, are ready for departure 7/24!

Why Jet Air Ambulances?

When it comes to health issues, the pace of reaching to the patient is very crucial. Jet air ambulances can reach the destinations easily much faster than the land routes in order to prevent complications and detrimental effects on the patients for being late during the transfers. These patients reach to the hospitals or health institutions under the care of medical personnel and in the comfortable environment specifically designed for them at the jet air ambulance.

It can reach the natural disaster areas immediately!

Jets are the fastest way of fulfilling the need for ambulances in the natural disaster areas. Plures Air's jet air ambulances can reach the airports of the natural disaster areas as fast as possible to enable the urgent intervention needed before it is too late. In addition, our jet air ambulances carry the medical personnel and experts to the natural disaster regions in order to bring first aid as fast as possible.

Safe transportation of organs

Each minute counts when organ transplantation is needed and the organ is coming from another city or country. Plures Air brings the organs to the health institution safely and on time.

7/24 Jet Ambulance Aircraft Chartering Service

Our jet ambulances were desinged to be used in urgent situations and they enable the comfort and safety needed for the patients, so that their situation does not go bad during the transfers. Plures Air's jet air ambulances have all the necessary tools and devices necessary for emergency situations including the drugs, bandages, medical devices, intensive care unit and incubators. The experienced medical personnels working with Plures Air a company the patients during every step of the transfer process in order to intervene when it is necessary and record all the details of the situation.

We are as close as a phone call to you 7/24 when you need Plures Air's services that enable the help for the patients when the seconds count for their survival and also present the professional approach both to the patient and the companions during their safe and fast transfer to the health institutions.

In case of patient, doctor or organ transfers utilize from the jet air ambulance services of Plures Air, in order to help your beloved ones in the fastest way possible.