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Medical Evacuation

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There are two possible ways for air medical evacuation / transfer service. First way would be patient transfer via ambulance aircraft and the other way is by using the scheduled airlines. Plures Air will be by your side with its experienced team and technical infrastructure, which ever of the methods you pick. In need of medical evacuation / transfer Plures Air takes action as fast as possible. Our company is experienced and capable enough to provide the fastest and best solutions according to your requests in the international routes by taking the value of human lives into account.

How do we provide medical evacuation and transfer via our ambulance aircrafts?

Medical evacuation and transfer of patients via ambulance aircrafts, are urgent action schemes that come into the motion in case of emergencies. Plures sends the ambulance aircrafts to the patients airport in the fastest possible way. The first response to the patient is provided by the doctor and medical team in the aircraft. The presence of medical devices as well as expert doctors and medical personnel are the advantages of ambulance aircrafts over scheduled airlines' flights. It is vital to use the ambulance aircraft for medical transfers rather than land route, in cases where the patient needs to get transferred to another country or city due to lack of a proper and equipped hospital in the local region.

The most crucial advantage of ambulance aircrafts over the scheduled airlines' flights is that there are medical devices and medical personnel who are accompanying the patients during the transfers. If requested, after the arrival of the patient to another city or country Plures Air can organize the transfer from the airport to the new hospital via a land ambulance. In this way the patient and their companions would save some crucial time and would not need to look for a land ambulance at the destination. Plures Air can provide the patient transfer services via air ambulance aircrafts world wide in every city that has an airport.

Patient transfer via aircraft / Transfers through airlines

If patient is in the right condition there is the possibility of using the scheduled airlines for the medical evacution / transfer services. This is an economical way of transfer for the patients who would not have the enough of budget to charter an ambulance aircraft. Plures Air takes the responsibility of handling the permission and application processes required for the medical transfer of the patients in the scheduled airline flights. Therefore, patient relatives or companions would not lose any time and get busy with those details. There are options of patient transfer via aircraft with or without stretcher.

Plures Air takes care of bureaucratic processes and makes it easier for the patients who get transfered into foreign countries in the scheduled flights with the escort of a doctor. Plures Air arranges the departure processes of the doctor, patient and companions as fast as possible. After arranging the flights with or without stretcher for the patient transfer, Plures Air provides the services for the transfer of the patients from the airport to the new hospital. We need to get informed 48 hours beforehand for the transfers with stretchers. For the medical evacation or transfer services with the aircraft the patient has to have a report showing that he/she does not have any health issues that would prevent such a transfer via an aircraft and the report should be 10 days old at most.

Medical evacuation and transfer of the patient, in the companion of doctors, via scheduled aircrafts

Plures Air is both nationally and internationally authoried for giving medical evacuation services as well as patient transfer services via aircrafts. We can simply execute this service by sending doctors to the city or country that the patient to be transferred is present. Plures Air provides its non-stop services including the transfers between the airports and hospitals after aircraft transfer of the patients and we provide these services in multiple languages depending on the needs. In order to get further information about our medical evacuation and transfer services via scheduled aircrafts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service department.