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How to choose a trustable agency for air Cargo transfer?

To be able to send an air cargo fast and secure, it is necessary to work with agency's that are IATA approved. IATA is the acronym for International Air Transport Association. IATA has been serving as an international assurance for aviation industry since 1945. Many agencies all over the world that were approved by IATA, has to act on sensitive rules for cargo safety. People who prefer Plures Air are privileged to be served with IATA assurance and services that are quality and economic.

What is IATA Cargo Agency?

IATA cargo agency is a name given to agencies that are accredited by IATA like Plures Air. IATA rules define the relationship between airways and cargo agencies. Cargo agencies that are accredited by IATA, has to fulfill their responsibilities by accepting IATA rules and conditions within the scope of government approved rights and obligations.

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Is there an IATA document for road transport agencies?

IATA document is specifically made for airline transport. IRU (International Road Transport Union) provides the assurance for road transports since 1948. Therefore, people who wants to benefit from road transport should look for IRU approved establishments to secure their cargo with international rules.

What services does IATA approved Plures Air provides?

Your cargos are transported with quality, economic conditions and international standards, with options such as address to address or airport to airport while paying attention to the cargos properties like if its urgent, fragile, dangerous or if its carrying a live animal or a deceased.

How are the cargos you will send with Plures Air secured?

One of IATA's main principles is cargo safety, that is why both sender's and agency's responsibilities are mentioned in the list of conditions loud and clear. Based on this, sender has to supply all the necessary documentation needed for all the transit countries and country of destination the cargo has to go through. If the sender has gone through with all their responsibilities, they can claim their rights within the time mentioned in the list of conditions in case of a disagreement. If the cargo is damaged or delayed or lost, IATA approved Plures Air will fulfill its responsibilities based on international agreements like warsaw agreement. If you don't work with an IATA approved cargo company, it is highly possible that you will sustain a loss in the case of a disagreement.