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7/24 Plane Charter Services

With Plures Air, aircraft chartering that you have requested and dreamed is at your service!

Plures Air is an aviation company at your service to satisfy and fulfill private and urgent requests. Other than giving services in arranging and booking flight tickets, visa application processes, international air cargo transportation, patient transfer and medical evactation by air ambulances; Plures Air serves you for chartering private jets, chartering passenger aircrafts for your group trips as well as urgent evacuation requests, chartering private air ambulances for organ and patient transportation, chartering private cargo aircrafts for your special and precious cargos. No matter what service of Plures Air you are utilizing from you will feel the same high quality and safety during each experience.


We serving for you as fast as possible and with the warmth of our friendly approach 7/24 for the aviation requests.

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We are at your side by our experience that simplifies the complex situations of your aviation needs and requests.

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Plures is your partner in the air!

Plures is a company that enables fulfilment and satisfaction of all your aviation needs at one point in the fastest, easiest and safest way. Plures is at your side for all aviation needs and requests: your company's flight tickets, personal or company air cargos, private jets or passenger aircraft chartering for crowded groups, air ambulance services for medical evacuations. Plures is at your service 7/24 so that you do not have to lose time with the distractions of the details, you can simply and comfortably focus on your job. You can reach as any time of the day for our friendly services.

Plures's mobile support line is at your service for 7/24. You can reach our mobile line at any time whenever you need more information about our services and to get our price list.

Plures is a world wide known company with strong references in the services of flight tickets, air cargo, aircraft chartering, and medical evacuation. Please get in touch with us to get further information about our corporate works and advantageous services.


Perfect Aircrafts Designes For You

We are at your service 7/24 with different types of aircrafts specifically designed and decorated according to your needs.