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Plures Air

Istanbul based Plures Air has been successfully operating on aviation industry for more than 10 years and catering to people's needs completely, especially their emergency needs. Plures Air satisfies the pending demands immediately 24/7 and provides services as one of the few aviation companies worldwide with 100% customer satisfaction along with unrivaled service manners.

A short time after its establishment Plures Air reached its goal success and still provides service beyond expectations throughout the flight with personnel and team made up of experts in their fields.

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We are at your side by our experience that simplifies the complex situations of your aviation needs and requests.

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Our Services

Plures Air is an aviation company that offers services to provide for emergency and private needs. Aside from primary services like plane ticket and visa application services, international air cargo transportation services and patient transfer with airways it also provides various other services such as private jet renting, renting passenger aircrafts for group travels or special occasions that need evacuation and renting cargo aircrafts for personal, valuable cargos. Whichever service you choose from Plures Air, you will always feel the same quality and security.

Plures Air adopted the principle of making their customers' travels unique with their unparalleled services. Plures Air operates internationally and does not waste their customers' time and they take all the necessary precautions that will guarantee the flight starts and ends safely.

Plures Air knows that success comes from knowledge so it pays special attention to the training of its employees. For this reason, it is not surprising that our customers keep coming back to Plures Air after their first travel.

Plures Air is also preferred because it is reachable 24/7 and responds to the needs of the customer without wasting time. Especially for emergency situations, Plures Air knows the importance of time and serves based on the idea to freeze the time and care for you and your health.

We invite everyone to use Plures Air services, who wants to travel as mentioned above.

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We are instantly processing your demand. We are eliminating all time losses in all stages and offering our services with this manner!

You can access us 24/7 when you need any service. We are working hard to make your time valuable.

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