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Air Ambulance

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You can access us 24/7 when you need any service. We are working hard to make your time valuable.

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Plures Air provides services to rent air ambulances for transporting patients who need to be treated somewhere else. Plures Air have services that are able to cover both domestic and overseas transport demands, in addition to that Plures Air primarily takes upon itself to transport the patient as soon as possible while stabilizing their condition and keep the patient alive by providing necessary interventions during the flight.

High speed jets of Plures Air prevent unfavorable situations from happening that are due to passing time by reaching to patients as soon as possible and transport them securely to medical establishments where they will receive or continue their treatments.

Why Air Ambulances?

Air ambulances are the most secure, comfortable and fast transport vehicles that are preferred when it is critical to transport the patient via land route and when losing time will seriously damage the condition of the patient. The air ambulances you can rent from Plures Air will depart for the airport that is closest to where the patient is located after the ambulance request has been made and after completing missing materials that are needed for special situations if necessary. After the patient is carried to the ambulance the transport process starts with the surveillance and supervision of the medical personnel, after a short period of time the landing is made to the closest airport to the facility where the patient will be treated. The data that is collected about the patient during the flight is given to the medical personnel that is waiting in the land ambulance which is standing by in the airport, hence the flight that started without any problems, ends hassle-free.

International Medical Transport Service

Air ambulances can be rented for both national and international patients. For serious injuries, transfers which need to be on doctor surveillance and if transporting the patient via land route will be negative for their condition air ambulances are preferred however, if the air ambulance gets off the ground without adequate equipment and an expert team it does more harm than good. Plures Air is always serving with the responsibility of providing beneficial flights and plays a role in transporting patients securely with the experience it has gained over 10 years.

Air Ambulance Equipment

Transporting patients needs to be done seriously because of these air ambulances must have the adequate and necessary equipment. In the air ambulances of Plures Air there are all types of medical device, stretcher, life support unit and first aid supplies which can be needed during the transport of the patient and depending on the condition of the patient. Based on the condition of the patient to be transferred, additional equipment and devices that are necessary are obtained before the flight.

In the air ambulances of Plures Air, flight crew and medical personnel are experienced and responsible enough to respond to any and every need of the patient.

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