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Medical Evacuation

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You can access us 24/7 when you need any service. We are working hard to make your time valuable.

Plures is a company which provides patient transport and medical evacuation services 24/7 under the supervision of a doctor along with Turkish Airlines.

Time is a lifesaving detail when it comes to transporting patients. First thing that comes to mind when a patient need to be transported to a different city or country because of a sudden illness or medical obligations is definitely transporting the patient with an aircraft. When the patient and patient's relatives are not able to afford an ambulance aircraft, it is possible to go through with the transport with Turkish Airlines patient transport. However, for special situations like these, Turkish airlines asks for certain paperwork, references and permissions and patient's relatives might not have the time or energy to deal with these bureaucratic procedures. In such circumstances, Plures Air provides its customers with meticulous service. When you want yourself or your relative to be transported via Turkish Airlines patient transport, it is enough to get in contact with Plures Air. Plures Air will gather all the necessary documentation and permissions quickly and prepare the whole organization till its last detail including the land transports needed between flights. This way you will be using the time that is the most important for you or your relatives efficiently and overcome a significant phase in life.

What are the conditions for transporting patient with Turkish Airlines patient transport?

First a medical report that is not older than 10 days is needed saying "patient can travel with an aircraft" in both English and Turkish. Medical reports that are arranged by the airport doctor or the patient's own doctor are accepted by Turkish Airlines. If necessary patients are admitted to the aircraft accompanied by their companion. For patients that cannot move alone or cannot get out of the aircraft alone, a companion is mandatory.

Turkish Airlines patient transport can be done with and without a stretcher. However, the company should be informed before 24 hours that a stretcher is needed. Plures Air takes care of this request for the customer if necessary.

It is important to indicate that: Cabin personnel is not responsible for takin care of the patients' private devices, medicine or bathroom needs. So before the flight the need for a companion should be carefully considered.

Turkish Airlines patient transport and medivac with a doctor's supervision

Plures Air is eligible to provide international medivac services. When a doctor needs to be sent to where the patient is or when the patient needs to be transported to the intended city or country with a doctor's supervision, Plures Air executes this organization. Depending on the condition of the patient the evacuation is made with or without a stretcher. During this process with the doctor's supervision, Plures Air provides extensive services such as providing land ambulance transfers between the hospital and the airport and makes it easier on the patient and patient's relatives. With the help of multilingual personnel and doctor support all these services involve worldwide patient transport.

What are the rules for transporting patients with stretchers on an aircraft?

Patient that are on stretchers are not admitted to the aircraft without a companion. Turkish Airlines charge extra for the companion but they do not supply with an extra stewardess for patients without a companion. Patient with stretchers can only travel on the economy part of the aircraft. They must have a medical report that explains their illness and provides a flight permission.

Condition of the patients that are deaf or blind

Patients that are only blind or deaf are admitted to the aircraft alone however if the patient is both deaf and blind they are required to bring a companion. Dogs that are companions for blind patient are admitted to the cabin without a cage but there should be a reservation request 48 hours before the flight.

Flight conditions

Turkish Airlines carries wheel chairs free of charge. When the medically certified oxygen tanks that are in the aircraft is being used by the patient, dialysis machines are not allowed.

Which patient cannot fly with Turkish Airlines?

Patient with contagious disease, 2 day old babies, patients that need to use air pressured devices other than the oxygen tank from the plane and patient who got an asthma attack before the doors closed are not allowed to travel by Turkish Airlines.

If you want more information about Turkish Airlines patient transport, please contact Plures Air customer relations department.